This video piece is a result of an ongoing research that initiated at the end of 2019 within a residency at Espacio de Arte Contemporaneo (EAC) in Montevideo on (post)colonial narratives and it´s representation through monuments, in dialectic confrontation with the contemporary social movements and their interventions in the public space as well as counter methods of representation outside of the official discourse of institutions and the nation states.
Abandoning the solid grounds of defined categories, such as the Nation, the Self, and the other, my artistic research focuses on future monuments that represent contemporary struggle. These fluid monuments are an intent to represent a collective body in constant transformation and movement, adapting to circumstances, precarious and flexible at the same time.
For EIGENHEIM Edition Box #5 - Digital Art I created a video piece based on my visual research by which I intervene 3d models of national monuments with video textures of social manifestations.
My further investigation led me to their connection with the recent incidents of monument demolition by decolonial uprisings mainly initialized by the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020 that reactivated the debate on historical representation, especially that of colonial violence.