installation view: Watou Arts Festival 2022
installation view: Elusive Grounds 2022
living sculpture and live musical co-creation between microorganisms and data processing algorithms, involving humans that prepared and programmed the environment.
Fermentation processes are initiated in big glass jars equipped with hydrophones and sensors that capture data of an ongoing organic transformation taking place over the course of the exhibition. Loudspeakers above the glass jars play a generative symphony based on the collected data that is processed with different methods of sound synthesis. Visitors can walk around freely between the glass stopper bottles, experience each process closely or fully immerse in the sounds and textures of the various processes as a whole. By combining ancient and contemporary technologies, the installation invites us to shift the focus through deep listening and sharpen our awareness for non-human processes and be able to sense our embeddedness within a diverse spectrum of agents.


Collaboration with Matías Brunacci, Plonk Studio and microorganisms
Watou Arts Festival 2022, 02.07. - 04.09.2022 Belgium

Elusive Grounds, Raum für drastische Maßnahmen, 08.-29.10.2022 Berlin