Documentary, 60 min - Argentina / Germany 2020
The documentary portraits the diverse and intersectional alternatives of economies and human relations proposed by Argentinians social movements from the base, that act in the field of feminism, self-managed and cooperative economies as well as ecological and community-supported agriculture. In their own words, the protagonists that have fought in recent years’ struggles, share their stories and perspectives, which relate and intersect on various levels and show possible paths for a sustainable and just future. RePresente is a documentary that seeks to open a space for voices, explanations, anecdotes but also images and dynamics of a world that does not stop to inspire us - a world that provides us with new inputs for debate, criticism and creation.
The documentary is a collaboration between German and Argentine alternative media collectives which has its origin in the intense days of December 2018 when the G20 summit took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
direction and production:
Joana Georgi, Bettina Müller, Dario Farcy, Tin Wilke
Art for Utopia
Curator and designer of virtual exhibition in collaboration with
In the Seminar “History and Future of Technology” Students collaborated with external scientists and artists on the topic of nuclear energy, contamination and renewable energy with their social and environmental impacts.
Project coordination: Dr. Andreas Jüttemann, Martin Schlecht
Developer: Matías Brunacci
Technical (TU) University Berlin